To:   Council of Univ. California Emeriti Assns (CUCEA) @ San Francisco 11:03:2013

FR:    UCSC Emeriti Association. Submitted by Professor Mary Silver, UCSC Representative

Re:    Report of Activities, April 24, 2013-November 4, 2013


Officers of the UCSC Emeriti Association for 2013

President:                                Michael Cowan, Professor American Studies Emeritus

Secretary/Treasurer:         Robert Franson, Professor Emeritus of Law, University of B.C.

UCSC Rep to CUCEA:           Mary Silver, Professor of Ocean Sciences, Emerita

Web Master:                            Roger Anderson, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus


Past Secretary/Treasurer:  Stanley Stevens, left his CUCEA post this summer, after 17 years of CUCEA service.  The Association expresses deep gratitude and good wishes to our dedicated and resourceful colleague.


The paid-up Membership, as of October 15, 2013, is 97 regular and 12 Associate members.  The average luncheon attendance in 2013 has been 38 members


                                                                        Deceased Members and Friends

Henry Hilgard, Professor of Biology Emeritus, died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on April 13, 2013.  Henry was one of the founding members of the Biology Department at UCSC, a MD and PhD, and expert in immunology and a gifted instructor, known for his medical expertise


John Marcum, past president of UCSC CUCEA died on September 12, 2013 at age 86.  He was a renowned Africa scholar, professor of politics, and served terms as provost of Merrill College, academic vice chancellor of UCSC and headed UC’s Education Abroad Program.


                                                                               Awards to Members

Harry Huskey, Professor of Computer Science Emeritus received the 2013 Fellow Award from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, which honors distinguished technology leaders, for his “seminal work on early and important computing systems and a lifetime of service to computer education.”


Casey Moore, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Emeritus was elected fellow of the American Geophysical Society in July for his work in earth sciences: structural geology of subduction zones in the margins of the North Pacific ocean.


-Michael Nauenberg, Professor of Physics Emeritus received the Panunzio Award for Distinguished UC Emeriti in April.  The award, usually presented to a faculty member in Humanities or Social Sciences, was bestowed on Nauenberg for his post-retirement scholarship in the history of science, now being an authority on 17th century physics/mathematics and the works of Isaac Newton.



Speakers & Topics for UCSC Emeritii Association Luncheons 2013

March 21- George Blumenthal, UCSC Chancellor and Association members engaged in an exchange of views at the annual Chancellor-hosted luncheon at University House


May 16-Dean David Yager, Dean of Arts presented a talk on “The Art of Change.”  At the business meeting  portion of the meeting, the membership agreed to raise the amount of annual dues and to change several of the association by-laws.


September 25-Catherine Cooper, Professor of Psychology presented a talk on “More Than One Path:  How Youth Navigate Cultural Worlds on Their Pathways to College and Careers.”



                                                                                          Emeriti Lectures

The UCSC Emeriti Association sponsors, with financial support from the Chancellor’s Office, occasional lectures by distinguished emeriti professors. In fall, 2013, Professor Emerita Helene Moglen presented the first of these lectures for the academic year, titled "From Frankenstein to Facebook: Reflections on the Dissolution of the Humanities" on Oct 29, and is the first woman to give a lecture in this series at UCSC.


                                                                                          Related Activities

Local CUCEA representatives have been working with CUCRA representatives to set up an office to serve the needs of retired faculty and staff, starting in late spring.  The team was able to acquire an office in Kresge College and a part-time staff, with the “Retiree’s Center” now being in operation.  The Emeriti and Retiree Associations at UCSC have also collaborated in offering workshops on UC’s changing health insurance options.