To:  Council of Univ. California Emeriti Assns (CUCEA) @ Santa Barbara

FR:  UCSC Emeriti Association, Submitted by Prof. Mary Silver, UCSC Representative

RE:  Report of Activities, November 5, 2013- April 30, 2014


                                        Officers of the UCSC Emeriti Association for 2013-2014

President:                                Michael Cowan, Professor Emeritus of American Studies

Secretary/Treasurer          Robert Franson, Associate Professor Emeritus of Law, University of B.C.

UCSC Rep to CUCEA            Mary Silver, Professor of Ocean Sciences, Emerita

Web Master                             Roger Anderson*, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus



The paid-up membership, as of March 2014, was 91 regular and 15 associate members.

                                                                   Deceased Members and Friends

     Bruce Rosenbloom, Professor of Physics died on February 9, 2014 at age 87. Bruce served in the Army in the mid 1940s, and in 1957 obtained a PhD in physics from Columbia University and subsequently worked in industrial research, and then at UCSC subsequently served multiple posts, including Physics Department Chair and Acting Science Dean.  His research was varied: superconductivity, theoretical studies of magneto-reception in animals, and foundations of quantum mechanics. His 2006 book “Quantum Enigma,” targeted a general readership but also was used as a textbook.  Bruce helped organize UCSC’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development and also taught in the Economics department.

     Terrill Hill, a distinguished theoretical physicist and physical chemist died on January 23, 2014 at age 96.  He received his PhD in chemistry in 1942 at UCB and subsequently worked on the Manhattan Project, followed by academic posts in Oregon and then, in 1967, came to UCSC, where he eventually retired in 1988.  Terrill was a theoretical physicist and physical chemist who made significant contributions in statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, condensed matter physics, theoretical molecular biology, and in biochemistry.

          Awards to Members

Tom Pettigrew, research professor of social psychology at UC Santa Cruz was awarded the Cooley-Mead Award for Lifetime Contributions to Sociological Social Psychology from the American Sociological Association.  Professor Pettigrew is an internationally renowned expert on racism and intergroup relations and continues to lead a distinguished research career since retiring in 1994.  He will formally receive the award in August 2014


The UCSC Emeriti Association meets every other month from September through May, with typical attendance of 30-45 beginning with lunch, typically followed by a presentation.

Speakers & Topics for UCSC Emeriti Association Luncheons through March included:

November 22, 2013 - Faye Crosby, Professor of Psychology and Provost of Cowell College (UCSC).  Her presentation was titled “Mentor, Sponsor, Coach.”

January 15, 2014 – Alan Christy, Assoc. Professor of History and Director of East Asian Studies’s presentation was titled “The ROUTES Project: Student-Centered Learning in the Digital Age.”

March 27, 2014 – George Blumenthal, UCSC Chancellor and Faculty Association members met at the University House, on campus, for a luncheon, followed by a presentation given by the Chancellor, who then entertained questions and comments from the attending faculty

                                                               New Emeriti/Retiree Center at UCSC

As of January, 2014, our campus proposal for a Emeriti/Retiree Center is being funded on a 2-year trial basis, and we are now seeking a part-time (10 hr/wk) Administrative Asst III for the Center, who will work in an approved space on campus for our two groups.


*Roger Anderson begins the position of systemwide President of CUCEA starting in late 2014