Emeriti Luncheon
Thur Nov 9, 2017

Barbara Rogoff Barbara Rogoff
Distinguished Professor Psychology

"Learning to Collaborate and Collaborating to Learn"

Arboretum Conference Room

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LIVE VIDEO STREAMING at 12:30pm today, click here.

Barbara Rogoff is UC Santa Cruz Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California-Santa Cruz. She investigates cultural aspects of children’s learning and the ways that communities arrange for learning. She and her team have found sophisticated collaboration and attention among children from Indigenous communities of the Americas, which is less common among children from highly schooled backgrounds. She received a Distinguished Lifetime Contributions Award from the Society for Research in Child Development and is a Fellow of the National Academy of Education and several international organizations (AAA, APS, APA, AERA). She has held the University of California Presidential Chair and Fellowships of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Kellogg Foundation, Spencer Foundation, and the Exploratorium. She served as Editor of Human Development.

Her recent books have received major awards: Learning Together (finalist for the Maccoby Award, APA); The Cultural Nature of Human Development (APA William James Book Award); and Developing Destinies: A Mayan Midwife and Town (Maccoby Award, APA). She recently co-edited Learning by Observing and Pitching In to Family and Community Endeavors and Children Learn by Observing and Contributing to Family and Community Endeavors. See www.learningbyobservingandpitchingin.com.

Our new 3-minute video focuses on the sophisticated collaboration of Mexican-heritage and Indigenous American children. It was voted #2 out of 171 videos in NSF´s 2017 Video Showcase, and was also the second-most discussed video. It has over 10,000 views. http://stemforall2017.videohall.com/presentations/1034

Check out my 6-minute YouTube video illustrating culture change and continuities. It´s based on my book, "Developing Destinies: A Mayan Midwife and Town" (Oxford, 2011), which received the Maccoby Book Award (APA). Also have a look at related paintings and photos. All my royalties are contributed to projects in this Guatemala Mayan town.

My 3-minute video "Learning by Observing" was honored by NSF as the top public vote-getter and a top conversation-generator, of all 156 videos in NSF's 2016 Video Showcase. It draws attention to strengths for learning among Indigenous and Mexican-heritage children, and has over 11,000 views so far. http://stemforall2016.videohall.com/presentations/693

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