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UCSC Emeriti Association

2019-2020 Officers:

Barry Bowman
Phone: (831) 423-1450

Virginia Jansen
Phone: (408) 395-7422

Margaret (Greta) Gibson
Phone: (831) 426-5352

Albert Smith
Event Coordinator

W. Todd Wipke
Past President
Phone: (831) 459-2397

Roger Anderson
Past Chair of CUCEA
Chair Joint Benefits Committee
Phone: (831) 426-0522

Leta Miller
Representative to REC
(Retiree Emeriti Center)
Phone: (831) 425-4575

W. Todd Wipke
Representative to CUCEA
(Council of UC Emeriti Associations)
Webmaster, Newsletter Editor
Phone (831) 459-2397

John Schechter
Representative to CUCEA
Newsletter Co-Editor
Phone (760) 645-0177


Regular member eligibility includes former members of the Academic Senate with Emeritus status, Librarians Emeritus, and other designated individuals; and Emeriti from other University of California campuses living in the Santa Cruz area.

Associate member eligibility includes spouses or domestic partners of regular members; surviving spouses or domestic partners of former regular members and of Senate members who died in service while eligible to retire; and emeriti from other universities living in the Santa Cruz area that have been approved by the regular members.

We have about 170 Regular members (60% of all Emeriti) and 22 Associate members at the present, and the Annual Dues are $25.00. Lifetime membership is $200. To join, send your name, home address, telephone number, date of retirement, and email address along with a check (payable to "UCSC Emeriti Association") to:

UCSC Emeriti Association
c/o Greta Gibson
246 Meadow Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Your e-mail address will be added to our database, and you will get all announcements and invitations to reserve a place at our luncheons. Member list.